Some People Can’t Live Without Drama

She’s been a thespian since she could stand
memorizing lines and movie quotes verbatim
playing the background character in high school
Fighting for that lead part til she was a senior

Hoping to make it big on broad way after college
Her dad would rather see her become a lawyer
Because everybody has to grow up at some point
Well she worked at Disney World for four months

Turns out the workload proved to be too much
You would’ve thought she’d have a thicker skin
Guess not cause she’s still got grudge against me
You see she can’t live without some sort of drama

So she’s going to continue to spin her web of lies
As for me I’m going to take a ride on the high road
It’ll be nice to get away and clear my head for awhile
There’s just no time for all unnecessary drama


Copyright © 2017 SJ Falling Rock

Paper Plane Songs

I used to write her songs on the wings of paper planes,
She used to say I love it when you write for me.
I would hum the melody to her while she was falling a sleep,
Her dad would’ve killed me had he known I was on the roof.

On the weekends we sent those paper planes skyward,
She made me promise to keep writing no matter what.
She left me a few years back and here I am still writing,
Maybe someday she’ll hum along with me on the radio.

I always said she deserved more than our hometown,
She had Wonder lust from the first day that I met her.
Now she’s getting married to a guy from Washington,
Her dad says that she kept some of those paper planes.

A few months back I was performing an acoustic set,
I looked out in the crowd and she was humming along.
She smiled up at me and said keep going I love this song,
We were two kids sending those paper planes skyward.

Copyright © 2017 SJ Falling Rock

Couldn’t Make a Go of It

Went out for an afternoon drive hoping  it would save us,
Drinking Dr. Pepper and Monster holding on for dear life.
For the first time in years we were finally able to be alone,
Really alone and the walls came crashing down around us.

I didn’t know it yet but, it was our last good time together,
We talked and it felt like were on the road to reconciliation.
Inching toward survival for one more day one more anything,
Sometimes no matter what you do you can’t make a go of it.

You pack the memories away and learn to live with the silence,
All the while thinking how the hell did we even end up here?
And then daybreak comes and life seems a whole lot clearer,
I think a part of me is always go miss what could have been.

Copyright © 2017 SJ Falling Rock






Southern Beauty

I find myself getting lost in those deep blue eyes of hers
It’s all that southern charm I’m loving every minute of it
From the stories to the sweet tea and that southern draw

She’s a free spirit always seeking the next great adventure
Usually with the help of Starbucks and a road map
There’s got to be pixie dust in that sun-soaked hair of hers

My favorite  pearl snap still has her perfume scent on it
She stole my ball cap and we danced in the parking lot
Made an 11:11 wish while waiting for her red eye flight

I don’t know what I did to deserve her but I’m grateful
It’s all that southern charm I loved every minute of it
Someday soon I’ll see those deep blue eyes of hers again

Copyright © 2017 SJ Falling Rock

The Good Nurse

The Good Nurse asks “How’re you doing”
Do you want a real answer or a sugar-coated one?
The kind that goes down easy with no after taste

Think about it before you answer really think about it
Because once you know what you know, you can’t deny it.
The Good Nurse in her white lab coat mulls it over for a minute

No she finally says I want a real answer what’s been going on?
A whirlwind of information comes spilling out like a flash flood
once the storm passes she says things like: “I’m sorry to hear that.”

That blanket statement just barely scratches the surface of this reality
The Good Nurse then takes a moment to listen to the steady cadence
It’s still music to her ears and no two versions are exactly the same

The good nurse then writes down a few notes in chicken scratch
She then smiles and says I’ll see you in a year or so, take care
It’s in that moment that the once raging storm loses its power

Copyright © 2017 SJ Falling Rock

Write the Wrongs and Make them Right

I miss your voice and that smile
For as much as I miss it
I wouldn’t ask you to comeback

This is a good place I’m in
Well it is for you too but more so
I don’t long for yesterday as I did

Today I drew myself into a new sky
Who knew that chalk was so handy?
It’s a rhetorical question don’t worry

Tomorrow we’ll fill the sky with fireworks
We’ll write the wrongs and make them right
For my part anyway I don’t know what she’ll do

Copyright © 2017 SJ Falling Rock