Just Wanted to Tell You.

I miss your particular brand of humor and your obscure interpretation of a  sketch,
Yeah, I know I say this all the time like a broken record but, I really miss you.
Thank you for teaching me what It truly means to accept and forgive someone,
I can look in the mirror and know for sure that everything is going to be alright.

So go on keep writing that poetry across the star filled sky, enjoy the view,
Your little brother’s are looking more like you, everyday it’s such a joy to see.
It’s no secret that they wish you could be more than a picture in frame,
Anyway dude we’ll talk again soon, please keep looking out for us.

Copyright © 2016 SJ Falling Rock

See you in a little while

I’ve spent my life imagining who you must look like,
Are you as tall as dad, is there a dimple in your smile?
I bet Grandma Vicki braids your hair while telling stories,
Do you and Grandpa ever go fishing in the afternoon?

Is that you taking pictures when the lighting flashes?
Is that you Fancy Shawl Dancing when the wind blows?
Did Grandma make your shawl out sunlight and stardust?
I can’t wait til the day when we’re dancing in the sky together.

I’ve spent my life living in memory of you and I’ve loved it,
It hasn’t been easy but, I know you’ve been there everyday.
Watching over us as our  loving daughter, sister and friend,
So until we meet again tell everyone hello from all of us.

Copyright © 2016 SJ Falling Rock

Lung Cancer Waltz

She’s been battling Cancer for four years now,
Radiation wore her out but, still she smiled.
PET/CT, Chest CT, X-ray this is her vocabulary
Tired, nauseous, and Perry Mason re-runs

Crossword puzzles and great-grand children,
High school graduations and the little things.
Remission even came and paid her a visit,
She rang the bell but remained cautious.

We now know that visiting hours are over,
There are ten new dark spots on one lung.
She knows that she’ll be leaving us soon,
All we can do now is embrace this reality.

Dealing with Writer’s Block

Yesterday I wrote and I wrote and I wrote
Trying to break down that writer’s block
Scribble scribble scribble all afternoon

Still nothing sounds chapbook worthy
It’s suited more for the winter fire pit
Late night toasts with good company

That’s where I miss you the most
It just kind of happens that way
No it doesn’t mean I want us back

It’s just me thinking out loud
Trying to defeat writer’s block
Hoping to ignite that lost spark

Maybe tomorrow will be the day
The words will come like a wave
I’ll finally make sense of all of this

Copyright © 2016 SJ Falling Rock

A poem from his chapbook


happy” take your sore throat to work” day.
on the way in
behind three soda cans and scratched-up sunglasses
sit down
chew through another lab notebook
spit out all this lab apparatus:
fume hood   western blot   culture flask
this is your native tongue.
you’re growing up speaking new name too fast
re-raised in strangers’ bathrooms
they will cling to you
like cheap wallpaper and hand soap

you never pack your razor
the sidewalks are forgetting to shave again
they don’t look so good the third night in a row
they’re growing out their thistle.
gonna go out alone
like the hummingbird and the bee
fill your palms
with beetle
and scratchmark
and thistle.
this will die someday
and it’s not alright

and it’s not alright

and it’s not alright

but that’s okay.

Copyright © 2014 C.T. Poetry

Here’s to you

Twitter pic

I wrote you out of my life a few stanza’s at time,
Turned the rough draft pages into paper planes.
Watched them fly knowing I did the right thing,
Someday I’d wake up and you’d be a memory.

Well that day’s finally come and I’m relieved,
You’re dad says you’re getting married in may.
I’m happy for you but I’m not sorry I’ll miss it,
You’ll make one heck of a Montana Bride for sure.

We can’t change the tide or where we ended up,
You wouldn’t want us to anyway, I know that.
So here’s to you and whatever tomorrow brings.
Thanks for loving me and giving us a chance.

Copyright © 2016 SJ Falling Rock

Backyard Adventures

We sent three dozen fireworks skyward,
Helped my nephews build their first fort.
Not far from where dad’s workshop was,
They’re still thinking of a cool name for it.

Rock Paper Scissors will have the final say,
Leaves me wishing life was still that simple.
Soon they’re racing each other up the trees,
Creating memories that time can’t steal.

There’s BBQ and a few unlit bottle rockets,
A food fight that’s just waiting to break out.
Enough wood for one more late night bonfire,
The best way to end these backyard adventures.

Copyright © 2016 SJ Falling Rock