Free Verse Poetry, Poetry

The Dysphagia Fight Continues

Dysphagia has landed me in this waiting room again,
throat spasms have become too much to handle.
I was left eating small meals that were more like snacks,
Chew, Swallow, Chew, Swallow Chew, Swallow, chew,

Sounds easy doesn’t it? Everyone I know can,
For me it’s a bit more of a drawn out process.
Mixing small bites with ice chips and a drink,
It’s been years since I’ve enjoyed any meat.

For me this unrelenting fight is a neurological one,
Thanks to a T.B.I and some faulty wiring of sorts.
Today I’ll be given a break from all this madness,
We’ll turn my dysphagia into a dull roar for awhile.

Copyright © 2017 SJ Falling Rock

Free Verse Poetry

Because I Do

I miss you
Wish you could be here
I really need some of your sage advice

No this isn’t a poem
It’s just a friend missing a friend
Latenight constalation conversations

I’ll probably fall alseep midway through
Good dreams don’t last nearly long enough
Maybe I’ll hear some of your sage advice again

Copyright © 2017 SJ Falling Rock


Getting To Know Her

She’s a strong southern woman that doesn’t let  anything stop her,
It’s not easy for her to give up control no matter what’s going on.
Once or twice she’s been referred to as “The powers of the universe”,

I didn’t know exactly what that meant until we were introduced,
She shook my hand and was polite and all but hardly cracked a smile.
I found out later that she was new to town and not fond of strangers,

She took control of our conversations from the get go and still does,
There’s none of these mundane “Hey how you doing” conversations.
She also insisted that I come up with interesting ways of greeting her,

Every now and then a song on the radio  reminds me of her still,
Her perfume lingered on my favorite shirt but not long enough.
The day I left she played keep away with the keys to my truck,

I’d never had a hard time saying good-bye to anyone til I met her,
She made me promise to let her know when I’m close to home.
All I want to do is turn this truck around and keep getting to know her.

Copyright © 2017 SJ Falling Rock




Hospital Room Vigil

She fell down  the floor caught her
Screws and Metal Rods Help to mend
Bedtime stories  provide little comfort

Anything but hospital food she says
Sleepless nights make for tough days
Vital signs and pain rating every hour

She drifts in and out all afternoon
mindless T.V. chatter is her lullaby
Hand Sanitizer permeates the air

I write a few stanza’s on a napkin
listen to music on my brother’s Ipod
look over at her and then at the door

Watching the clock like a countdown
Soon it’ll be time re-position her again
I leave the room when that happens

I stand  right around the corner
Still I can hear her cry out in pain
A few minutes is an eternity in here

I walk back into the room and sit down
Her eyes are closed but I still see tears
It’s so difficult to see her suffer like this

I try to help distract her from the pain
We count backwards from ten a few times
I read a few of my favorite poems to her

My brother comes to stay the night with her
Tomorrow we’ll start this cycle all over again
Until she’s strong enough to come home

Copyright © 2017 SJ Falling Rock


Free Verse Poetry, Poetry

Here’s to Many More

It’s been a crazy ten years and I’ve loved every minute of it,
You’ve taught me what it really means to live in the moment.
I’m not the easiest person to love and at times a lousy friend,
Somehow though you’ve loved through it all and I’m grateful.

You’ve been that voice of reason and a great sounding board,
Life’s thrown us a few curve balls but we’re still standing tall.
It’s crazy to think about how I was scared to let you in and now,
You’re my person, my plus one, my thunder buddy, my whatever.

I know you don’t believe me but you don’t need all that make-up,
You’re so beautiful without it yeah I know how cliche this sounds.
I’m looking forward to sharing many more adventures with you,
So here’s a toast to another ten years and whatever they bring.

Copyright © 2017 SJ Falling Rock


If She Leaves Before We wake

Please Uncle greet her with a warm smile and enjoy the walk
Tell her that’s it’s alright to go that we will see each other again
After all there is no word in our Language for Goodbye
Just as there is no word for “I” it’s either We or Us

We each take our turn sleeping in the room with her
Listening to her breathe counting each breath
We’d give anything to take this illness from her
Instead we kiss her good night and tuck her in
Knowing that whatever happens we’ll all be okay

Copyright © 2017 SJ Falling Rock

Free Verse Poetry, Poetry

Remembering Us

I still remember the day you called to say, you finally learned how to milk a cow.
You couldn’t tell but I was doing the best I could to keep from laughing.
“It’s not as easy as it looks trust me.” It’s a really squishy and messy process.”

I’m not sure what made me think of that conversation, I guess I just needed a laugh.
How about the time you teased to me about that hint of a southern accent in my voice.
It’s for this reason that the nick-name Southern Yankee will forever be a part of me.

I remember when you were deciding on which university you were going to attend.
“Who knows maybe I’ll just pack up and come down to Texas and go to Texas Tech.
I really wanted you to but, I knew that you had your heart set on staying close to home.

So you stayed close to home and I cheered you on from afar and I still am.
And when our conversations turned to silence we still had our poetry
I hope that in some way you’re still sharing poetry and remembering us.

Copyright © 2017 SJ Falling Rock