The Sweet Gift of You

It’s 5 a.m. and it looks like a the perfect spring day to spend sometime out there with you. How often in the last five years have I come to you to seek your quiet counsel.  You have taught me to cherish and to remember that these afflictions are fleeting in the grand scheme of things. Now I have some major decisions to make and I hope that you’ll look in on me where ever it is that I decide to go.

My dear sweet poet
I find you in the silence
In the steady guitar strumming
Feel you in the autumn breeze

Living for the coming October
It’s a bittersweet Christmas for us
No new memories to preview
Just yesterday on rewind

My dear sweet poet
I’m sorry that we couldn’t
Oh how we wished we’d known
But I’ve loved sharing you with others

Sharing stories of you has gotten easier
Laugh more than cry and sometimes both
And because I’ve learned how to miss you
That means in time I’ll learn to miss them too

This void was calling to me to feel it and continue on, I do that willingly.  Out of left field I woke up to the feeling that you’d been here in some way. I hope to never stop writing about you. After all it was you who inspired me to share my craft with others. I regret not sharing my work with you while you were here. We’ll I better get going if I’m going to make there in time to watch the sunrise with you.

Bravery — johncoyote

Originally posted on Siren Whispers: Every step is one upon a precipice when you’ve no knowledge of the path optimism fueled with bravery footfall, a deep breath of the unknown never knowing where it will land solid ground or air blind choice another day to become more better or swift freefall courage comes with confidence…

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Alaska Angel

We met in Petersburg for the Little Norway Festival,
The sun played hide and seek while we slow danced.
Street shadows soaking up all the time in the world,
Food-fight laughter with a couple glasses of spilled wine.

It seems that Alaska really agrees with the poet in you,
She says to me while running away with my camera.
My muse for as long as I can remember I love you
“What Would My Alaska Angel Do”

Day turns to night and I pray for just a little more time,
Driving to the airport she blasts Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girl.
Steals my Red Sox snap back says I’ll get it back maybe never,
I can live with that my Alaska Angel please just hurry back.


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